The WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Must Have gave us the assistance that we really need with their web design courses. Their WordPress personal trainer is very hands-on as we are learning through the WordPress training. Also, they made it easy for us to understand the adobe illustrator course. We have a fun illustrator training in London because of Controla.

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly blogging platform sites for different online users. Aside from its general purpose of allowing the users to create and post entries, it also have different extra features that gives more functions for the users. An example of these added features is the plug-ins. The different WordPress Plug-ins have certain functions that will definitely help in maintaining the blog. The following section will discuss two of some plugins:

First, the WordPress Automatic Upgrade. It notifies the users of updating their WordPress account to the latest version through five simple steps. Before, it is still necessary to download the software and upload that to the server, only then can the upgrade be installed. Hence, this plugin lets the user save a lot of time compared to the previous method. Keeping updated with the latest version of the WordPress provides security against the potential breach of hackers because WordPress closes the security gap that your site might have encountered before.

Lastly, the WordPress Backup. This is an extremely important WordPress plug-ins for all bloggers out there. What it does is it gives a backup copy of the plug-ins, files and themes used and these are uploaded. The blogger can select as to how often should the backups be done. The plug-ins zip these files and send it to the specific e-mail address. This is a must have plug-in because it can spare the bloggers from problems as caused by unexpected things into which they may lose the content of their blog or lose the blog itself.